Bicentennial Highlights

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GW's Professors Gate



Future Of


The Director and Deputy Director of the Program on Extremism



The Future of Homeland Security

The director and deputy director of the Program on Extremism at George Washington University look at the history of terrorism in this country and how the 9/11 attacks altered the landscape.


Henry R. Hertzfield



The Future of Space Exploration

As the anniversary of the moon landing approaches and private citizens are launching into space, Henry R. Hertzfeld, the outgoing director of the Space Policy Institute, looks to what’s next for the final frontier in the Future of Space Exploration.


Larry Yu



The Future of Travel and Tourism

With the imminent arrival of the post-COVID-19 era, GWSB professor of hospitality management Liang “Larry” Yu outlines the future of travel and tourism.


Rachel Brown



The Future of Internships

Rachel Brown, associate vice provost for University Career Services, examines how internships were impacted by the pandemic.


Two students planting a tree



The Future of Sustainability Globally and Locally

Meghan Chapple is the director of the GW Office of Sustainability and Tara A. Scully is the director of the sustainability minor program and an assistant professor of biology in the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences.


Mary Ellsburg



Female student working on computer



Classrooms of the Future

University experts say artificial intelligence, brain-computer interfaces, a more diverse faculty, student body and curriculum, and virtual applications will be common in classrooms in the coming years.


GW: Then & Now


William Murphy



Then & Now: Scholarship Success at and after GW

Donor-funded scholarships at GW have made a significant impact on generations of GW students. Here are the stories of a few GW alumni who have been able to realize their goals through their hard work at GW and the scholarships they earned.


Students lighting candles at vigil



Father and daughter moving boxes



Then & Now: Moving In

Hauling suitcases and staggering under boxes, students at the George Washington University will move this month into the residence halls they’ll call home for the academic year. Students have been living on campus almost continuously since the university’s founding 200 years ago—with some exceptions, like the Civil War, during which all university buildings were commandeered for Army use.


Tan France speaking into microphone on stage



Then & Now: LGBTQIA+ Activism at GW

Pride Month is celebrated every June in tribute to those involved in the 1969 Stonewall Riots, which helped spark the gay liberation movement and the 20th-century fight for LGBTQIA+ rights in the United States. At the George Washington University, LGBTQIA+ activism reaches back decades. 


Professor looking at robot he uses to help children with autism



Commencement ceremony on university yard



Then & Now: Commencement

On Sunday, May 16, the George Washington University will graduate its class of 2021 under unprecedented circumstances necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic. But this certainly isn’t the first change Commencement has undergone since Columbian College, which would eventually become GW, held its first one in 1824.


French President Emmanuel Macron speaking on stage at GW



George mascot with two students at the Capitals Stanley Cup Parade



Then & Now: Athletics at GW

At the George Washington University, athletic traditions stretch way back. Here is a selection of highlights of GW sports through the school’s 200 years.


A convalescent ward in Columbian College General Hospital.



Then and Now: GW’s Medical Enterprise

From presidential assassinations to pandemics, GW has been a seat of medical education, research and care in the nation’s capital practically from the beginning.



My Favorite GW Memory

Christopher Bracey



Kalyn Womack



Anna Warhol smiling at gymnastics meet



 Tirzah Budiman



Juanita Dennis, M.A. '68



Juanita Dennis, M.A. '68

Like many alumni, the fondest GW memories for Ms. Dennis, who celebrated her 96th birthday last August, include not only her time at GW but also her visits back to Foggy Bottom.


Grace Speights



GW Tempietto