Fondest GW Memories: Juanita Dennis

Juanita Dennis, M.A. '68 in Early Childhood Education

Like many alumni, the fondest GW memories for Ms. Dennis, a retired education specialist with the former federal Department of Health, Education and Welfare who celebrated her 96th birthday last August, include not only her time at GW but also her visits back to the Foggy Bottom Campus.



Juanita Dennis



“My time at GW transformed me, gave me so much confidence. After earning my degree, I traveled to Guam, Paris, Alaska…so many places for national and international education conferences. That’s something I never would have done before earning my degree at GW.

“In 2019, I was invited back for Commencement on the National Mall. It was so hot, but a wonderful experience, especially afterward when I got to go to a reception at the F Street House. I got to meet President LeBlanc, and he was the first university president that I had a chance to meet and talk with. He stopped and chatted with me as I was sitting in the dining room in a chair that had been purchased by Ulysses Grant. And I also got to talk with Christine Darden, one of NASA’s ‘Hidden Figures.’

It was such a treat. I just love George Washington University.”