GW at 200

Documentary Film: GW @ 200

GW Presents GW at Two-Hundred Narrated by Kerry Washington, BA 1998, Honorary 2013


This film explores the evolution of GW across its 200 years and our march to our third century through the lenses of four enduring themes: our rise to a globally-recognized university, the unique opportunities afforded by our location, our world-class faculty, and the impressive group of leaders and changemakers we count as alumni.



Kerry Washington



Narrated by actor, producer, and activist Kerry Washington, BA ’98, HON ’13.


A Look Inside: GW at 200 

Learn more about the themes profiled in GW’s milestone documentary.


Cultivating Generations of Progress

When Columbian College was officially established on February 9, 1821, and then renamed the George Washington University in 1904, its success was not inevitable, its path not clearly charted, but with perseverance, passion and persistence GW grew from a school of just twenty students and six faculty into a world class, global institution.


20 & 6

GW started with 20 students and 6 faculty members. 


Today, more than 27,000 students and faculty from 130 countries call GW home. 







Providing Unparalleled Location & Access to a Global Education

From 1821 through today, students have been able to take great advantage of living and learning at the seat of the federal government and within arm’s reach of great scientific and cultural institutions.



Library of Congress



"It’s one of the reasons I decided to come to GW…I have a chance to study at an institution that has access to the Smithsonian, to the Library of Congress, to all of these historic museums."

- Sara Bhatia, Student, 2020






Educate & Elevate

The collective force of GW’s two centuries is embodied by its remarkable alumni, now numbering more than 300,000 worldwide. Hundreds of thousands of alumni have used their GW educations to make history, including current and former heads of state from around the world, U.S. Cabinet officials, members of Congress, and countless other public servants, journalists, artists, scientists, inventors, CEOs, and icons from practically every field of endeavor.






Providing World-Class Faculty & Staff

GW’s never-ending commitment in helping to shape a stronger future is proven through its faculty, who contribute to important moments in history.