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A Popular Place

For more than 70 years, Leo’s GW Delicatessen—a.k.a. “Deli”—has not only been catering to their customers’ cravings, but also created a major sense of community on campus. See why generations of GW students keep coming back for more.







“The clientele is one of the great things about the place because we've got these wonderful students, these highly educated students, and these incredible professors.”

John Ambrogi
Owner and proprietor, Leo’s GW Delicatessen




Year Established


Estimated number of bagels sold per week (pre-COVID)


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What’s Your Order?

Whether you remember the GW Deli’s sounds and smells, the friends you ran into there, or the towering piles of bacon, we want to hear your story. Tell us your favorite memory of the GW Deli.

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3 stars

“It's a place that this is GW’s own thing. You know, you're not going to find this anywhere else. This is our thing. It's delicious, it's good. And it just almost feels like a place that you can call home because it's right here in the center of campus. So you know, you're at GW when you're at Deli.”

Ian Haimowitz, student

Ian Haimowitz