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Documentary Film: 1900 F

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A Look Inside 

As one of the great, beloved landmarks of GW, Thurston Hall has not only been home to tens of thousands for more than half a century, but is also truly the house of a million memories. Let’s take an inside look at Thurston.






1900 F

Thurston's Past

Thurston honors its pioneering namesake, Mabel Nelson Thurston, GW’s first female undergraduate student. For more than 50 years, the fabled residence hall has played a central role in campus life. For those who lived and learned in Thurston, now’s your chance to relive it. Join the legacy, share your memories and more.

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The Park Central Apartments are built. In 1964—now owned by GW—the “Superdorm” opens as a women-only dorm. It would be named after Mabel Thurston in 1967.


Year Thurston became co-ed


In 1992, Domino’s Pizza says that it delivers more pies to Thurston than to any other dorm in the nation


GW Alumni smiling


3 stars

“You have students from all walks of life who’ve been all over the country or even around the world coming together for what is likely their first stint away from home for an extended period of time.”

-Bob Wu, '18, Room 515






1900 F

Thurston's Future

Slated to re-open in fall 2022, the updated and upgraded Thurston Hall is more than a renovation—it’s a reimagination. See what’s in store for future generations of GW.

Where Thurston is Headed




 Percentage of power that comes from solar energy


 Number of students the redesigned Thurston will accommodate



3 stars

"Thurston Hall is going to be amazing. I think most alumni are going to be jealous that future students are going to be able to live in such a beautiful building."

-Rob Valero, ’82, Room 403